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HL Display Group is a leading international company of Swedish origin, offering products and services related to marketing and point-of-sale communication. Goal - significant optimization of your sales area.

A clear distribution of product groups on the merchandise shelf gives the customer a clear overview, and good visibility of the offers increases sales. The convenience of shopping is of primary importance for the customer, but it is equally important to optimize the work and time spent by store staff in placing and organizing goods.

HL Display offers a wide range of solutions for every need - there is a corresponding concept for every product category and packaging.

In 2018, HL Display will launch the HL Sustainable Choice product line, which aims to support retailers in reducing the use of plastic material and plastic waste by offering a selection of sustainable trade accessories made from natural or recycled materials.

The retail landscape is changing rapidly, and in order to stand out, emphasis must be placed on the correct display of products and the automation of its arrangement. The latter helps save on labor costs and leaves the customer service representative significantly more time to deal with the customer. Shopping should be an experience, not a transaction.

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