More freshness, less waste - the Sigma™ shelf system is a planet-friendly solution for maintaining appealing freshness.

The consumer appreciates the availability of a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, and according to research, nearly 24% of shoppers are willing to change their primary shopping location to a store with a better and more versatile selection.

With Sigma™, you can create a rich and visually appealing display with a smaller number of products. Perforated shelves provide better air circulation, which improves overall cooling and maintains maximum freshness while preventing excess moisture. Anodized aluminum shelves will not rust or peel, and this finish is also food safe. Aluminum is a light material and dissipates heat more efficiently and quickly than other metals.

Sigma™ shelves can also be combined with Ad'Lite™ LED lighting and Next™ and Multivo™ shelf solutions.

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