Office furniture has not been synonymous with boredom or lack of expression for a long time. Ergonomic and tasteful furniture in the office plays an important role in creating a cozy working environment, which is why it also affects the well-being and motivation of employees. But above all, it must all be practical and high-quality.

Service and reception counters, office desks and cabinets, wardrobes, conference room furnishings, recreation and kitchen areas - Media Group's furniture makers have long-term experience with many different furniture solutions and materials, which is why we can confidently say that we can find a suitable and unique solution for even the most demanding customers.

Among other things, furniture for Tradehouse Peterburi tee, MG Beauty and Baltika Ülemiste City office has been completed under the hands of our craftsmen.

To order furniture, please make an appointment for an initial consultation: or

  • Furniture design requires a plan with room dimensions, water, electricity and ventilation connections and the locations of doors and windows. You can familiarize yourself with the materials and fittings at the Meediagrupi OÜ office, Liimi 8, Tallinn.
  • Based on the data and preferences received from the client, the project manager designs the kitchen furniture, consults with the client about nuances, if necessary, and submits a detailed price offer. Before production, we carry out precise surveying to ensure an impeccable end result.
  • The offer describes in detail the specification of the furniture, the cost of the kitchen furniture and the deadline for completion. The order takes effect upon payment of the advance payment, and the goods are issued upon payment of the remaining amount.

  • The cost of kitchen furniture transport, installation and packaging disposal is reflected in the price offer.
  • Meediagrupi OÜ performs and the price of the installation includes the electrical network connections. Gas, water and sewage network connections and these works are not included in the installation price, but we can organize these works through cooperation partners if the customer wishes.

Length and start date of the warranty period

  • The warranty period for furniture is two years for a private customer and one year for a business customer, unless otherwise stipulated in the order contract.
  • The warranty starts from the date of purchase of the product.

Content of warranty

  • Construction, production and material defects of the product manufactured by Meediagrupi OÜ and damage to the products caused by these defects are covered by the warranty. The warranty covers the costs of repairing the aforementioned errors and damage to the products caused by them.

Limitations of Warranty

  • The warranty does not cover damage caused by careless use of the product, damage, breakage or non-intended use of the product.
  • The warranty does not cover normal color changes, natural wear and tear of the product or small defects that have occurred after the installation and handover of the furniture to the customer (for example, scratches on the surface)
  • The warranty does not cover damages (if the product is not installed by Meediagrupi OÜ) caused by incorrect installation. For example: if the customer has installed the product himself and has done it using wrong work techniques.

Validity of the warranty

  • The warranty is valid for defects caused by the intended use of the furniture.
  • The warranty is valid on the condition that the furniture is protected from moisture (relative humidity 40-60%).
  • Used and stored under normal conditions (room temperature 18-24C) and the cleaning and maintenance instructions were followed.
  • The guarantee is valid on the condition that an invoice and a receipt for payment of the total amount of the invoice are submitted.

Warranty Claim Resolution

  • The claim must be submitted in writing. E-mail or to the project manager who dealt with you.
  • After that, we will decide whether it is necessary for you to visit and inspect the problem. If a defect in quality has been revealed, the problem will be entered into the production program and your claim will be resolved within a reasonable time (about 2-4 weeks).
  • Warranty repairs are carried out only by Meediagrupi OÜ's skilled workers. If the customer has ordered the service from another place to solve the problem, the product warranty is terminated. Color differences between the painted furniture delivered under warranty and the painted furniture originally delivered are possible.

We have set ourselves the goal of offering both private and business customers high-quality custom-made furniture for home and office with the best possible delivery time. For this purpose, over the years, we have developed our own production to such a level that, thanks to versatile production, we can offer complete solutions from the materials chosen by the customer with the best delivery time.

We value our customers' time and we want our customers to feel and experience a confidence that guarantees excellent customer relations for many years.

We approach each project personally, only in this way the client can feel true satisfaction and be sure that all his dreams will come true with us. Each such project has the soul of the client, and through the client's wishes, we go through very inspiring journeys together that culminate in a perfect result.

Those customers whose wishes are not yet quite clear and whose ideas still need awakening are always very welcome with us. Together, we find out exactly the needs of a specific client and carry them out professionally so that the result is characteristic for each client and gives peace of mind.