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Fork legs, information stands

Visual communication is key. New products, the best offers, remarkable events - it is very important in the information exchange process to refer to what is important for the customer well in advance. Informative and up-to-date references help improve the overall shopping experience. A-shaped advertising stands for indoor and outdoor conditions, light boards, lecture and cork boards and white magnetic boards - we offer a wide range of presentation accessories for the HORECA sector as well as schools and office spaces, for example.

The selection below is certainly not final. If you are interested in a specific product that you cannot find on our page, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will surely find a suitable solution for you.

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Frame with click profile

Article: KR
Aluminum profile 25 mm
Sharp corners
Formats: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4

A-stand / fork leg with click profile

Article: ZP
Aluminum profile 25 mm
Suitable for indoor conditions
Formats: A2, A1, 500x700 mm, 700x1000 mm

A-stand / fork leg with click profile

Article: ZPC2
Aluminum profile 37 mm
Suitable for outdoor conditions
Format: A1

A-stand with a chalkboard

Article: ZPCHBLB
Brown wooden profile
Format: 550×850 mm

A-stand with a chalkboard

Article: ZPCHBBL
Black wooden profile
Format: 550×850 mm

Advertising stand on spring legs

Article: WTEE
Suitable for outdoor conditions
Formats: A1, A0, 700x1000 mm

Advertising stand with filling tank

Article: WTE
Suitable for outdoor conditions
Formats: A1, A0, 500x700 mm, 700x1000 mm

Menu tray / information tray

Article: MBA4G25
Formats: A3, A4. Height 1080 mm
Possible frame landscape setting

Lockable menu tray with LED lighting

Article: MBSCZ
Formats: A4, 2xA4. Height 1150 mm

Brochure holder

Article: MB4C230
Format: 4xA4. Height 1115 mm

Zig-zag brochure holder

Article: ZZPUA
Format: 6xA4. Height 1503 mm

Brochure holder

Article: MBD230
Format: A4. Height 1093 mm

Catalog holder on the wall

Article: 10054
Format: 5xA4 (also available 10xA4)

Catalog holder on wheels

Article: 20204
Format: 20xA4 (40xA4 also available)

Advertising stand with LED lighting

Article: PMLED
In internal conditions, protective film with magnetic fastening on the front
Format: A0, A1, A2